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, West Indies has slumped to it's lowest period in ODI

03 Jul 2019 10:00 #373058 by David
It is irritating to see people blaming the new administration for our poor showing at the world cup. They should realise these are the fruits of seeds that were planted from previous administrations, namely the Cameron led CWI. 5 years after that controversial series in India and since Jason Holder has taken over captaincy, West Indies has slumped to it's lowest period in ODI cricket history. We failed to automatically qualify for the WC. We struggled to qualify from a group of associate teams. Teams like Afghanistan has been beating us on a consistent basis. In almost 5 years under holder we have never won an ODI series. 2019 has been one of our worst WC performances ever.
I am not saying we were world beaters but just before and during DJ Bravo's Captaincy we had a nice crop of players who were at least competitive with the big name teams around the world. I think we drew a series with Australia, we beat NZ, Only lost series 2-1 to Pakistan , India, England away, We blackwash Bangladesh , We also did the same to Zimbabwe. At the beginning of the abandoned tour we beat India by 124 runs. We had good players coming up the ranks and who were now finding their way in international cricket.
Then Boom came the india tour which arrogant and bias Dave Cameron totally mishandled. Bravo along with most of the players have never played or played with the windies team again on a consistent basis. Narine ,Bravo, Pollard,Gayle,Russell and Sammy went on to be the most sort after t20 cricketers world wide. Marlon became a Icon, Ramdhin lost his way, Rampaul went England and showed how good he was and Lil B got frustrated and called the boss a big idiot. These same guys won us the two t20 world cups.
Since then Holder took over and the board was run with biasness. Amateur cricketers like Ashley Nurse ,Jonathan Carter, Kyle Hope etc became household names because the board , selectors and the captain all selected teams based on biasness and politics. We never tried to get our best team on the field.
Skerritt has come in and tried to get the best team, but with the mess that was left by the last admin there is only so much he could do. Hopefully we would learn from our past and get politics out of our cricket and properly manage our main resource which is our players . We have great players coming through in Pooran, Hetty, Shai, Oshane, Paul,Joseph just to name some. Hope this crop is handled with care.

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04 Jul 2019 10:46 - 04 Jul 2019 10:48 #373093 by mapoui
dat seems a fair assessment.

what is incredible is that man like Skameron can come in, get elected and stay in for long fucking up the cricket and nobody say a dam thing

where did Skameron come from, how did be become like he is... an enemy of and traitor to the west indies cause in cricket, run the cricket into the ground. AND NOBODY RISE UP! NOBODY SAY AH DAM TING! LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF PLAYERS THAT SKAMERON CHASED AWAY, CAREER RUIN, REDUCED, FRUSTRATED


an somebody do mih ah favor and chase Jason Holder Skunt away from west indies cricket. Holder is the most lucky mutherF ever. he is just an ordinary god dam player who has lived off fat of thewest indian game most undeservedly..and for far too long. it is time to spike the trough he is fed from. send the big skunt to meet Skameron in wherever he is..prolly wukkin' in ah civil service in ah island somewhere
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04 Jul 2019 11:39 #373105 by ketchim
I would say JHo is the best of the so called "all-rounders" lot of :

Carlos Brathwaite, Andre Russel and the aging Dwayne Bravo

Of those 4...... and you can toss in that Fat bwoy and Fabian Allen to the Mix ~

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04 Jul 2019 12:22 #373123 by mapoui
Holder is younger dan all of them still. he may be better now but not better than Dwayne when he was younger.

and fact proves that Jason Holder is not good enough at any aspect of the game to make the side far less its captain. he is captain because he was Skameron's bwoy..totally dependent on Skameron for his place and so controlled that way by Skameron.

if he din do wat Skameron wanted he cud be dropped jess so..no question asked because he clearly is not worthy of a place on the side..could be replaced easily. his spot on the side and captaincy is old time tactics of control of people. dat is what Skameron was doing with lil Jase Holder

its time to drop he skunt and start afresh based on merit system

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05 Jul 2019 10:19 #373131 by Googley
why you keep blaming Skam...its been shitty admins since 1995! Not one of them deserved the job!

I gonna apply next time :P :P

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09 Jul 2019 14:34 #373312 by BORA AND PORK
Two teams had to be close to, or in cellar place. Unfortunately, we were one of them. My take on what went wrong, was poor preparations . That squad was supposed to be practically the same engaging series after series, leading up to the qualifying stages in Zimbabwe , the Tri series in Ireland, and into the WC...This is where we lost it.

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