10th year of the forum!

14 Mar 2017 12:05 #337391 by ketchim
Googs, behave yuhself !  :(

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14 Mar 2017 14:02 #337399 by Googley

i will give it my best shot at behaving.... :D

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  • mapoui
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14 Mar 2017 15:17 - 14 Mar 2017 17:19 #337405 by mapoui
you guys accusing me of driving people away.....

you guys behind the scenes, allyuh know wat go orn.  wat the hell am I doing here if people doh want to post because of me ::confused::

and if my content is garbage I also do not tolerate that from myself.

one thing I do is to attack India.  but all my attacks on India/Indians are accurate, right and truthful.  if Indians do not look at themselves openly, critically they wont see the danger their current path  poses to the world and to themselves...give themselves a chance to correct themselves.

Indos bawl about american racism but what about Indian racism..especially with respect to the Andaman peoples. Indians are killing off those people as we speak, spreading tons and tons of capitalist garbage all over the andaman paradise.  the andamans are now choked with physical garbage from Indian domination.

I raise the andaman issue here now prolly too late for the andaman peoples.  they are prolly dead already

Indians bawl about American racism but Indians love america and wannabe be just like them, follow slavishly all that is american and toe the line in the world that america sets for India/Indians.  so allyuh mean to tell me that allyuh doh see that underneath all dat how Americans really feel about Indians..especially Jewish americans/Jews generally ::confused::

Jews like no goy..especially goys of dark skin color...none, nada, hate all period, Indos included. 

so who are complicit in American racism, effective in the racism that turns out to be against them too.. if not Indos themselves ::confused::

so allyuh vex with me for telling allyuh that which according to all I know is absolutely true ::confused::

the same thing goes for nig nogs..black people.  who love whites more than nig nogs ::confused::  its a fight for that title between blacks and Indians..who more in love with the white oppressor.  this is something that struck home with me every since Vidia Naipaul pointed it out in his still very relevant and useful book, the Middle Passage

so its good for me to point out the absolute betrayal by the black elites of ordinary black people, from day one to now but not right to point out the same about Indians ::confused::

the african elites were helpful to the euros in their enslavement of ordinary africans from the very start.  the african elites continued to betray africa, to this day.  they have all agreed to the re-invasion of Africa by the american military..an accomplished fact as we speak.

Modi and his BJP is doing just about the same currently.  look at what Modi has just done..spent billions of dollars to buy old Israeli missiles that are useless to India.  the Israelis are installing new , up to  date american missile systems and are getting rid of the old at high profits, because they can rely on Modi to buy all their old, obsolete military junk.

those billions could easily go into the creation of an Indian military industrial  production, of their  very own, using Indian technology, providing jobs for Indians, developing their nation, making themselves independent in an area where independence is crucial

Indian independence and real nationalism is crucial to ridding the world  of european domination..that has been the scourge of humanity for 5 hundred plus years and counting..yet India is playing games with them, helping them to hang on past their best by date

it is time India stood up and be counted..time to toss modi and the indian elites who are not in tune with real Indian nationalism

and it is the same in Africa and in the west indies and everywhere black people are, for we do the same thing there too..collude with the enemy,help them to prolong their domination of the planet at the expense of billions of africans and indians

so why does such talk chase allyuh, run allyuh away ::confused::

therefore I will not post anymore so all can come back free from my commentary. I will not be where I am not wanted.  period!
Last edit: 14 Mar 2017 17:19 by mapoui.

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14 Mar 2017 15:48 #337406 by ketchim

Mapoui, ignore Goog Lee :

he is really a cc.com poster that visits here from time to time !

You otoh, viewers come to read ....DAILY  ;)

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14 Mar 2017 16:14 #337409 by VillageBelle
Congratulations Krish!!

here's to the big 10 year celebrations in 2018!!!  8)

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  • mapoui
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14 Mar 2017 18:31 #337418 by mapoui

who cares about how you behave.  you are ridiculous.  you contribute nutten of value juss pull down all I say.  but not in an open critical manner..just open disparaging based on nutten at  all.

you disparage all I say and you never put up one single critique..not one, not once.  you know wat dat is...FAKE!  claim things with no goddam evidence.  everybody must take what you say at face value

look I just put up an essay deh.  pull it apart why don't you..demonstrate why it is garbage.  I am sure the whole board would like to see you do that impse!  >:( >:(

as I said..if I am the cause of people not posting I am gone.  simple!  but you are a jackass.  you can bray all day if you like

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14 Mar 2017 21:38 #337433 by ketchim
Wuh wraang wid u ? leh de jackass bray, ent ?  ;)

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14 Mar 2017 21:40 #337435 by Kwami
Why all the feuding, fussin and fighting  here ?

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15 Mar 2017 11:17 #337448 by Calypso
Hope is not sgtdjones ...........  :D :D

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15 Mar 2017 11:26 #337449 by Calypso
Trying to keep the peace Kwams ? :D

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